Happyfest Seattle


Happyfest sunray

Hi there,

The start of January can be really challenging for a lot of people. As an HR professional, I know this is a time of year where depression drags people, families and organizations down. Especially in the short, dark and wet days we have in our Seattle winter. We should counter that guilt from the holiday weight gain, over-spending and crazy expectations of ourselves and others.

Hey, Seattle community, let’s pull together to throw an event that will leave us smiling and energized!

Picture a ‘Happy Conference’ where we get a pick-me-up and experience some good vibes.  Learn to be happier, grateful and find a groove to keep us smiling, appreciative and more like we feel on a picture perfect August day at the beach with our best friend.

We could have pre-registration (low or no-cost to attendees), a nice bright venue, a menu of interesting workshops and opportunities (See Below) and an environment where we get seriously motivated to be genuinely happy. We’re thinking downtown Seattle might be a good location for the inaugural launch.

We are looking at locations that would work on or close to January 20th-ish or March 20th for the International Day of Happiness.

These purveyors of happiness have signed on to donate their passion for helping others find contentment and joy. (Who else should be on this list?)

1) Short workshops from Happywork  about the science of happiness and some best practices.
2) Foot health and body alignment tips from Coach Brooke.
3) Meditation tips as taught by Dr. Kelly McGill.
4) Fitness and stress reduction tips and a chance to check out Desk Yogi for at your workstation wellness videos whenever you need it.
5) Do some Reading with Rover and read books to kids and hang out with nice doggies.
6) People can get matched with great volunteer opportunities with Royal Cause.
7) A big projector with 3-5 video loops showing some super-funny stuff like cat videos and comedians.
8) Easy nutrition tips for health and wellness.
9) Hugs Booth!
10) ??? – What do you think we should have?

We aren’t looking to make any money (nor can we afford to lose any). Anything over the cost of the venue will be allocated for happiness enhancement activities. Heck we might even end up with surplus of funds that will let us extend the day into the evening or have a two day event!

How you can help:

1) We have set up the GoFundMe page to gather donations! 2) Volunteer: if you would like to help plan, organize, market or lend a hand in any way, please email us at happyworkteam@gmail.com to let us know.

With gratitude and thanks,

Travis and the Happyfest Seattle Group

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