Thank You LWHRA. Sharing workplace happiness science last week was a blast!

Happywork was honored to present our workshop to the Lake Washington HR Association for the August meeting.  We shared how the science of happiness can drive business success.  There was quite a turnout of nearly 100 and we are humbled by the amount of interest and positive comments that have come in from those who attended.

Special thanks to the LWHRA volunteer team – especially Kirby Pratt, Gabrielle Wilkerson and Kim Sklaroff.

If you were not able to make it to this event, it’s OK!  We have monthly Seattle area Meet Ups on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday night each month from 6-7:30. You can get more info at Happywork Meetups.

Also, let us know if you would like us to come to your workplace to give the same presentation at a brown bag lunch for free.

Finally, we can accommodate a virtual web-cam version as well if you are from outside the Seattle area.

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Happy Friday Quote


Happy Friday! We know that gratitude is an important step to take while finding oneshappiness and today we are feeling particularly grateful for you!



Do you practice an Attitude of Gratitude? What are you grateful for today? Let us know in the comments below.


Want to learn more about the relationship between happiness and gratitude?


International Day of Happiness: UN & Kids for a Happier Planet

Happy International Day of Happiness!  The United Nations put March 20th on the map in 2012 to focus on global happiness.  The 2016 push involves children and the lovable characters from Angry Birds to raise awareness towards making the planet happier.  Check out what the UN has going on at:  United Nations International Day of Happiness

UN HappyDay Pic

UN HappyDay Pic2

Announcement: Rachel McGill Joins Happywork

We are excited to announce that Rachel McGill has joined Happywork in a practitioner capacity.  Rachel is well versed in customer relations and social media management.  She will assist Happywork operations on her way towards becoming a Happywork Mentor Consultant.

Rachel also heads up Lvl 41 Rogue  focused on social media outreach and comic creation.  She is working towards her BA in Anthropology.

Welcome to Happywork Rachel!  We look forward to working with you as we build our community.

Rachel Pic1

Happy: The New (old) Productivity

I am always on the hunt for videos and papers that illustrate the benefits of happier workers and give best practices on how to do it.

In Vishen Lakhiani‘s video ‘Why Happiness is the New Productivity (The Story of Mindvalley), he gives some great background on what creates happiness at work including some nice commentary on the state of Flow.  He also provides examples from his company MindValley where they have put into place some of the same “awesomeness” that Happywork aspires to deliver to our customers.

Vishen MindValley Post

Vishen reveals how they created a gratitude website for employees, have a Friday Awesomeness Report, a dog as the Director of Public Relations, guests that come in to attend company meetings, and taking 10% off the top of the profits of the month and re-distribute to employees, and…wait for it…daily corporate group senior team guided meditations!  They even have a “sweet sugar love machine” to help all 50 employees to be able to reward, recognize and appreciating each other.  There are a number of other best practices he reveals.Everything Vishen and MindValley have going on is SO AMAZING!!  I endeavor to attend their Awesomefest some day…mmmmmmmm. Who’s with me?