Customer Cases

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A team needed some help and their director knew it.  They had internal engagement scores and they were very low.  The team started working with Happywork in March, 2014 – the international day of happiness!  They took a survey and we discussed the results.  Everyone was shocked!  The team made plans as a group and followed up individually with monthly Happiness Action Plan 30 minute phone consultations. By August, the team saw a 19% increase in Happiness Works scores!  The director later highlighted in a debrief after the project that the team performance was at an “all-time best!”.

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A smaller group of under ten was merged in with a larger group over ten and the owner needed help with change and talent management.  Over the course of a year and half at key times, the owner and Happywork were able to bring the two organizations together into one.  The owner was excited to share that “the direct results included engaged and revitalized employees, first year growth beyond our projections and an exceedingly positive employee satisfaction survey several months after the acquisition. Travis’ assistance was invaluable to achieving these results”.


A team wanted to explore how happy they are and what they might do to be happier.  After taking the Happiness Works survey and having a session to cover the results, there was a lot of focus put on their disparity under the market for their pay.  Everyone spent a large amount of time on this but then a breakthrough happened: they found that there was little they could do to impact pay.  So, they turned to other areas related to work that they might improve on.  They found that their vitality and health was lower than they expected on the survey.  A brainstorm kicked off and everyone made a commitment to have ‘walking meetings’.  The managers feedback later was that they team had made great improvements in workplace happiness.

The Business Case

The folks at Happiness Works have studied the impact of happiness at work with the highest rigor possible – Nic is a statistician after all!  Nic’s team can show 30% more productivity, 54% better retention, and 3 times more creativity.  The tool Happiness Works created calculates the financial impact of a happier workplace.  A team of 25 can expect to see a lift of $84,973!

Business Case Graphic