Happywork Purpose: working smarter with the science of happiness 

We follow a science-based, metric-driven approach to happiness that maximizes results. This is not fluffy stuff; it’s bottom line focused. When our approach is layered in with sound professional and organizational fundamentals, things take off like a rocket!

Happywork is a work-in-progress teal organization that exists for our purpose; we are self-managed, flat, transparent and conscientious.

Travis Shumaker

Happywork LLC was founded by Travis Shumaker on June 18, 2013.  The genesis was a video from Nancy Etcoff about happiness and its surprises.  It caused a massive epiphany as there was little evidence that colleagues in HR or leaders in business take the science of happiness into account.

Happywork focuses on consulting for happier leaders and workers who will in turn Travis Shumakerdeliver higher engagement and key performance indicators.  Over 15 years of HR senior leadership provides Travis with a broad spectrum of successes that empower his approach.  Services are also offered for learning and development, talent building, workplace wellbeing, recruiting and HR back office operations.

Travis is a Practitioner member of Happywork as the Principal Mentor Consultant.  He is an authorized practitioner of the Happiness Works survey for North America. You can reach Travis at happyworktravis@gmail.com.

Brooke Shumaker

Brookes headshot

Brooke is a Practitioner member of Happywork.  Brooke’s main focus is helping people get strong and healthy as a personal trainer and movement mentor. Coach Brooke coachbrooke.com also handles payments and accounting for Happywork to keep us flying straight.


Rachel McGill

Rachel Pic1

Rachel is a Practitioner member of Happywork. She is well versed in customer relations and social media management.  Rachel is the glue that holds Happywork operations together. Rachel is working towards her BA in Anthropology as well as becoming a Mentor Consultant for Happywork.  You can reach Rachel at happyworkrachel@gmail.com.


Evelina Vaisvilaite

evelina-vaisvilaite-headshotEvelina is an Ambassador member of Happywork, assisting with social media outreach, event planning, and various projects. Her background is in staffing services/talent management and she enjoys being a part of Happywork because she is passionate about employee engagement, development, and fulfillment.


Kelly McGill

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Kelly is an Advisory member of Happywork.  As a coach and talent strategist, Kelly has spent over 20 years working with teams at Fortune 500 companies to tie a golden thread around talent strategy, culture and business strategy.  With an inspirational and inclusive approach, Kelly helps leadership teams create an environment of inclusivity and partnership to drive custom talent solutions.  Currently Kelly serves as the owner of Bent Spoon where she works with clients all over the world as an executive coach and advisor as well as head up Culture & Inclusion at Amazon.

Coralynn Irvin
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Coralynn is an Ambassador member of Happywork.  She is an accomplished HR professional and system whiz who has led and supported employee engagement programs with Travis since 2009. These days, Coralynn has a great job at her church and serves as back-up and ‘safety blanket’ for Travis and Happywork now and then.