Thank You Happiness Dr. Aymee Coget

First and always, thank you Dr. Aymee Coget.  I have eternal gratitude for your guidance and energy as you taught and mentored me along my path this year.  Your approach to happiness and your care for the well being of whoever you touch and for all humankind is inspiring.  The sustained success and impact of what you do for people is truly a gift that is unmeasurable.  Beyond sharing your insights into happiness, you opened your business to me and taught me far greater lessons than I would have ever dreamed.  I eagerly anticipate our future collaboration for greater happiness and well being across the world!
Dr. Aymee
Dr. Aymee has successfully developed 5 steps to sustainable happiness.  One “sink or swim” skill to her steps is well illustrated in her video ‘Happiness Bootcamp: Living in the Moment’  This video played a huge part in motivating me to reach out and connect with Dr. Aymee.  Wow am I glad I did!  Since that first day watching this video, I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan and supporter of her work.
In the spirit of the holiday season, I’d like to also share a gift from Dr. Aymee.  In the video, just before the end at about the 8th minute (7:53 to be exact), Dr. Aymee takes the participants into their heart center.   The ability to access my heart center unlocked new levels of happiness for me and will always be my most cherished gift from Dr. Aymee.
Thank you Dr. Aymee and Happy Holidays!

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