Could 3 Little Steps be the Door to Happiness?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be happier and healthier in a way that was free, easy with just 3 little steps, and took just a few minutes each day? It’s true and it has been around for thousands of years! (It sounds like a late night TV commercial, doesn’t it?) What if those 3 easy steps were:

  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Focus on breathing
  3. Re-focus on breathing when thoughts come and go

Welcome to meditation!

Are you from a conservative background, like me, and thought meditation was too ‘woo-woo’? Would you say that to super bowl winning quarterbacks or elite forces of our US military? Yep; meditation.

But, maybe you are a high-level executive and don’t have time for fluffy stuff. Maybe you are like hard driving self-described workaholic Dan Harris the NBC News anchor. If you have not watched some of his stuff on-line, here you go:

  1. Dan Harris and 10% Happier from NBC:
  2. Dan Harris 10% Happier from Google Talks:

* Key learning: 3 Base Responses: I Want It, I Don’t Want It, I Don’t Care…And a 4th can be learned through Meditation: Don’t Judge – observe without reaction.

Meditation is accessible to almost everyone and there are no serious negative side effects. If Dan Harris is right, meditation will someday be a common component of everyone’s health, like the evolution of running over the past 100 years. Folks are doing a nice job of dressing it up and re-purposing meditation such as presence or mindfulness…which is awesome! Anything to help with adoption of such an awesome tool for health and happiness.

If you have resisted meditation for religious reasons, there is good news! Meditation is also agnostic; take some time before or after prayer / ceremony / etc. to follow these 3 steps. Watch how it magnifies your experience.

Meditation for Priests

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