Shawn Achor: my hero and role model!

If you have not watched the Ted Talk from 2011 from Shawn Achor yet, spend the 12 minutes to tune in and check it out as soon as possible:

Shawn Achor Ted Talk play vid graphic

Beyond funny and entertaining, he so clearly demonstrates why the “the happiness advantage, which is your brain in positive, performs significantly better than when in negative, neutral or stressed.”  What is a significantly better?  There are many benefits, but the big ones are:

  • 31% better performance
  • 37% better at sales
  • 19% better doctor diagnosis

Shawn Achor Benefits of Happiness Advantage graphic

How do we get our brain in positive?  Showing gratitude, meditation, acts of kindness, exercise and journaling about all this good stuff with discipline for at least 21 days.  These rock solid recommendations have proven to help across studies conducted since 2000.

Shawn Achor Moving Our Brain to Positive graphic

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